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“The Procedure Is So Easy”

“If the words “dry needling” have you worried or nervous, DON’T BE. Dr. Christian explains everything before, during and after. The procedure is so easy. I went in for neck pain that radiated down my arm. I emailed Dr. Christian and he responded very quickly. I scheduled an appointment and even after the first session, I was able to blow dry my hair again!!! (Something I had not done in a few weeks.) He is very kind and truly wants to help you get better.”

-Alison Lionberger

“I had immediate improvement.”

“I’ve had the privilege of having Dr. Robertozzi help me with several problems I was having. First and foremost, Dr. Robertozzi is the definition of a professional as he is caring, compassionate, skilled, and made me feel that what I had to say was important. He always listened to what I had to say and let me tell my story of what was bothering me. Dr. Robertozzi always took the time to explain to me what was going on, what he could do to help me, and what the course of my physical therapy would look like. He always made me feel completely comfortable and confident that I could and would get better. He was able to help me with multiple problems ranging from neck and low back pain to hip pain. He was able to attack my problems multiple ways from hands on techniques that helped my joints move and feel better, to dry needling techniques in really tender and tight muscles that made immediate and lasting improvements for me. I had hip pain for several months that I tried stretching and strengthening and nothing was helping. I thought for sure something serious had occurred and surgery might have to happen. Dr. Robertozzi evaluated me and determined dry needling would be beneficial. The needling was phenomenal. It didn’t hurt and he was able to target the exact spot of my pain. As soon as he did the needling I had immediate improvement and most importantly that improvement was permanent. I always know that when I see Dr. Robertozzi he is going to do everything he can to get me feeling better quicker and have that improvement actually last! I recommend Dr. Robertozzi without any hesitation and always come away feeling better and having had a great experience when I see him.”

-Wes H.

“It wasn’t my feet, it was my hip!”

“After having my first baby, my feet were killing me. I was in so much pain all of the time, walking was excruciating, I thought I broke my foot. Dr. Robertozzi did an assessment and we discovered that my hip was very weak due to having my baby. After a few weeks of working with Dr. Robertozzi on strengthening my hips, and dry needling on my calves, my feet stopped hurting! I’m so grateful.” Stephanie B.

“After the first treatment, I had relief…”

“Dr. Robertozzi is a consummate professional.  My rheumatologist prescribed physical therapy for the pain I was having especially for the trigger points in my back.  Along with stretching exercises, Dr. Robertozzi suggested Dry Needling.  Like most people, I don’t like needles but doctor is a pro at placing them with no pain.  After the first treatment, I had relief that taking pain killers had not delivered.  I can’t thank the doctor enough for introducing me to Dry Needling.”


“The treatment was so effective in relieving the pain.”

“…I fell from a sitting position and injured my leg and ankle.  In February 2016, I began physical therapy with Dr. Robertozzi.  He suggested Trigger Point Dry Needling for pain that began at my lower back down my right leg to my toes…That treatment was so effective in relieving pain I had lived with for years, I would recommend it for any patient with similar problems.”


“I work at a desk for 8-10 hours a day…”

“I work at a desk for 8-10 hours a day and was starting to feel tightness and burning in the muscles in my forearm.  Dr. Robertozzi did about 2 minutes of Trigger Point Dry Needling at 2 points with electrical stimulation.  It’s been several weeks now and there still isn’t any tightness or burning.  It’s a treatment I would definitely recommend.”


“I loved it and noticed a difference almost immediately.”

“I had never heard of dry needling, but I was on board for trying it as my shoulder/neck pain was not dissipating with stretches, exercises, etc.  I loved it and noticed a difference almost immediately.  The dry needling “procedure” did not hurt at all.  I was a little sore later on in the day, but after it went away I knew the needling had made a difference.  It was the first time in over a year that I didn’t feel constant pain in my shoulder/neck area.  I’ve since had two other dry needling sessions and am confident it has been a major part in in my recovery.  I would recommend it to anyone and would do it again in a heartbeat if I needed to!”


“I would highly recommend him to anyone!”

“I suffer from extremely bad migraines that would come frequently and last sometimes as long as a week. Dr. Robertozzi suggested dry needling and began treatments right away. After a few treatments with him my migraines lasted shorter periods of time and the time in between got longer apart. I am so grateful for the care that Dr. Robertozzi provided me when it felt like no one else could. I would highly recommend him to anyone and everyone!”

-Krystal K.

“Dry needling helped to wake up my muscles.”

“Dry Needling has helped me a lot.  I have chronic problems from doing physically demanding jobs most of my life.  This has led to tense, overly fatigued muscles in my upper extremities.  Dry Needling was able to “wake up” the muscles so they could release the stress they were holding.  This is something I could not get relief from through massage and exercise.  Thank you!”


“I Am Getting Better Fast”

“I love the way Dr. Christian has educated me on the process of healing. I am getting better fast and excited about the fast results I am getting! This has been a great experience!”

– Deborah S.


“Had A Great Time”

“Had a great time, he is very knowledgeable and makes me excited for my therapy! Go see him!”

-Cordell Zalinski


“I Would Recommend Dr. Robertozzi To Anyone…”

“I am impressed with my experience with this office. I would recommend Dr Robertozzi to anyone dealing with trigger point and muscle weakness. Office is also great with accommodating busy schedules.”

– Holly Parlier


“He Is Very Knowledgeable In My Sport”

As an avid fitness goer there are the usual aches and pains with the lifestyle. I’m always on the look out for ways to relieve pain or to gain mobility. My sister referred me to a new Physical Therapy office in Bentonville, Thats The Knot. I had been experiencing chronic lower back pain and my family Dr couldn’t help so he gave me a script for PT. I’ve gone to see Dr. Chris a few times now and my lower back pain is nearly gone. Not only is he professional (and the office smells so nice and clean) but he is also very knowledgeable in my sport and has helped me above and beyond my lower back issue. Just by giving me simple stretches to do at home or in the gym! FIVE Star review!

-Danielle Woods


“My Pain Was Relieved Immediately”

Dr. Robertozzi was friendly, professional, and compassionate while treating me. My pain was relieved immediately. The office was clean, crisp and very inviting.

-Trendel Herndon


“I Would Recommend Him To Anyone”

“Dr Robertozzi is a very personable professional. He made the treatments enjoyable while resolving my issue. I would recommend him to anyone!”

-Dustin Rash


“I Am Now Pain Free”

“Dr. Christian is amazing! My hip and lower back had given me problems since delivering my third child in 2013 preventing me from doing several things that I enjoyed. Since the first session I saw improvement and I am now pain free with the knowledge of how to keep those muscles in good shape. I now have control of my life again thanks to Dr. Christian!”

-Traci Grall

“It Was Amazing!!!”

“It was amazing!!! Dr.Christian kindly explained the reasons of pain and the therapy. He did a great job. Thank you Dr.Christian!”

-Sara Jang

“He Helped Calm My Fear”

“I am so thrilled at results after just the first time. Dr Christian did a great job describing in detail as to how dry needling works to help calm my fear.”

-Jill Vaughan

“I Am Actually Able To Run Without Pain”

“For years since I had my son and before I have had hip pain. Numbness in my toes and pain in my toes when I run. I have tried a lot of different things to fix this and basically learned to live with it. I went to see Dr Christian Robertozzi and I am actually able to run without pain in my toes and the numbness is gone. Dr is extremely caring and has a passion for helping people.”

-Kaala House


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